Building James Traylor

How Hard Can It Be?

Just two re-retired (ReRe) Canucks building our first teardrop on Vancouver Island. Welcome to our build blog. If you’d like to receive updates as they’re published, leave your email address in the box below.

We’d love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to comment or contact us.

From The Blog

Feeling Shelf-ish

The Island weather has improved a bit of late. It’s not feeling quite like spring/summer but it’s getting there. And it’s nice to be able to work outside in the […]

Third Time’s A Charm

The photo below is interesting to me for a number of reasons. First, how could I possibly have taken a picture so wildly un-level? It hurts my psyche to think […]

An Interstitial Lull

We continue to make progress, each day, with the build. But as Dr Seuss might say, we’re in the “Waiting Place”. And yet, interestingly, he described the Waiting Place in […]

P=MV (Momentum)

Momentum is defined as mass times velocity. Getting the walls up has been momentous for us. It feels significant, a major milestone, a bridge being crossed. And, somewhat naively, at […]

The Glue Crew

Up to this point the two of us have been able to manage the build largely on our own, but the weight and bulk of our completed 5′ x 11′ […]


Life happens. Other priorities pop up and after a stretch where we’d made decent progress the pace has slowed over the last month or so. Yet as I type this […]

The Coldplay Curvature

With the exterior walls pretty well sorted it was time to finish up the interior walls with a couple of quick jobs. First on the list was to glue the […]

Fairing Thee Well

The hope is to get the surface of the exterior wall as smooth as possible. While the fibreglass is smooth it still has imperfections that need some attention. First step […]

Need More Fiber(glass)

After cleaning things up a bit, and taking sufficient time to both dither and panic, we turned our attention to deciding on our, eventual, final finish for the exterior. We […]


After the internal skins were attached we flipped the walls over to work on the outside. Again, we should have been using pads under the walls to minimize scratching. Live […]


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About Us

When we look at each other these days, a common question is, “How the heck did we get here?!” After over 40 years together, living in a bunch of places and on a sailboat, you’ll now find us on the southern end of Vancouver Island.

Along the way we’ve had some big adventures, a few mishaps, a lot of laughs and our share of tears. Of late we’re learning how to retire gracefully, run longer, build wiser, taste more fully and enjoy the occasional nap. We’re enjoying this project (most days), traveling and spending time with dear family and friends old and new.

One response to “Building James Traylor”

  1. Great looking build!! I’ll definitely be following your progress.
    Take a lot of photos especially things that get covered up. I had to go back to my photos to check where I ran wires or had solid plywood to mount things, and many other things.

    Liked by 1 person

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